Library for Creation of User Interface

Welcome at the newest modern free open source cross-platform pure C++ GUI library

Main features

Easy to use

The library is written in modern C++ language. It is fully object orientated and macros free. No additional libraries required. To create application you just need to write few lines of code. The library also has great help system. You can find it in dicumentation menu.


All controls have a lot of properties which allow you to customize it unimaganable way. You can customize borders and background, texts and shadows, rotations and other transformations. With LIC-UI you even can add images on borders. Same for layout customization the other properties for controls behaviors can be customized as well.

Fully stylable

LIV-UI form controls can be customized not only by changing their properties but with changing entire styles. You may create own or use third party styles to create absolutely new layout for your form in few clicks. The controls also support changing of styles on the fly.


The library form, components and controls designed to be dependent only from standart template library. The only few base classes are platform depended. With changing of this few core classes the library can be used to create user interfaces in different platforms. Moreover, you can use different core classes for same platform. Fox example, you can use DirecX rendered if available and OpenGL if not.

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Some screenshots


Different styling


Text styling

Popup menu



Some of them


Jun 24, 2016
Documentation is finished
We are glad to inform you about finishing of adding documentation for the library Read More→
Jun 4, 2016
Vote for development direction
We ran a voting where you can specify what we do at first. Read More→
Jun 3, 2016
First release and site run
A first version of LIC-UI library is released today and a site is run as well. Read More→

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