Programming Reference

This reference describe all available types, classes, templates, controls and components of the LIC-UI library. You may use left menu to find required object. Also search at the top of page is available. If you think there is some missing on incomplete description of the object you are interested in you may login, go to profile and create ticked. We will fix it as soon as possible.

Controls and Components sections containes basic information about controls and components of the library and also specify which classes are a part of the corresponding control or component.

Classes section contains all class available in library(excluding template classes).

Structs section have information about all library structures except for templates.

Unions section describe all available unions. Right now this section is empty and hidden but the library actually has unions. This unions are templates and described in corresponding section.

In Templates section you may find all available template classes, unions and structure used in the LIC-UI.

The Enums section containes library enumerations descriptions.

Typedefs & vars section contain description on type aliases and constants declared in library.

Functions section contain all standalone functions of the LIC-UI library.

Namespaces section contain information about all namespaces declared by the library.

Folders and Files sections store information about library directories structure and also allow you to browser source code.

You also will find many cross section reference links in the detailed descriptions. This is for easier browsing and searching all required information.